Bonus Content

No Fail Heroes Bonus Content

No Chance In Hell

A No Fail Heroes prequel

No Good Deed: The Wedding

Troy and Piper’s wedding day

No Going Back: The Wedding

Sean and Branna’s wedding day

No Bed Of Roses: The Wedding

Levi and Isla’s wedding day

No Love Lost: The Wedding

Heath and Addy’s wedding day

No Bones About It: The Wedding

Garrett and Kimi’s wedding day

No Man Left Behind: The Wedding

Marcus and Elina’s wedding day

Small-Town Heroes Bonus Content

cover of Built Of Tragedy, a short story prequel for the Small Town Heroes series

Prequel to Small Town Heroes

Tansy and Sam’s wedding day

Built Of Strength: The Wedding

Aisling and Graham’s wedding day

Built Of Strength: Bonus Scene

A Prequel – It Happened One Night

Built Of Flames: The Wedding

Bella and Mitch’s wedding day

Built Of Second Chances: Bonus Scene

Flynn and Tessa’s Valentine’s Day

Built Of Second Chances: Bonus Scene

This bonus scene is Phabulous!

Built Of Second Chances: The Wedding

Tessa and Flynn’s wedding day

Built Of Illusions: Bonus Scene

Nico’s New Touchstone

Built Of Illusions: The Wedding

Nico & Josie’s wedding day

Built Of Steel: The Wedding

Joe and Lia’s wedding day

Bloo Moose Bonus Content

Reaching For Adventure

A Prequel featuring Myla

Reaching For Normal: The Wedding

Myla and Sawyer’s wedding day

Reaching For Risks: The Wedding

Darby and Quinn’s wedding day

Reaching For Everything: The Wedding

Kami & Rayce’s wedding day

Reaching For Balance: The Wedding

Gage & Becca’s wedding day

Reaching For Christmas: The Wedding

Lil and Max’s wedding day

Reaching For Trust: The Wedding

Trina and Jack’s wedding day!

Reaching For Roots: The Wedding

Emmy and Ryan’s wedding day

Reaching For Family: The Wedding

Jenna and Noah’s wedding day

Reaching For Home The Wedding

Nia and Jaz’s wedding day

Reaching For More: The Wedding

Vi and Luca’s wedding day

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