Built Of Flames (Small Town Heroes #3)

Amber & Mitch

Going down in flames never felt so good.


Amber Martinez learned the hard way that family doesn’t always have your back. Now a freelance arson investigator, Amber’s life is full, even if it is work 24/7.


Mitch Robinson’s biggest regret is watching Amber walk away five years ago. When he needs help with an arsonist terrorizing his town, this firefighter goes to the experts. Finding Amber is everything he’s hoped for. Now he’ll do anything to convince her to save not only her former town but her family, too.


They’ll need to battle the past and themselves if they’re going to beat the flames.

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Mitch is determined to stop the serial arsonist targeting his hometown.


Finding Amber again is a bonus. And what a bonus it is.


As long as he doesn’t burn the relationship down before it has a chance to truly begin.

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