Built Of Secrets (Small Town Heroes #1)

Tansy & Sam

Tansy Cheveyo is moving north, to the lodge and sawmill she’s inherited from her grandfather. What an environmentally-minded scientist is going to do with the land in New Hapmshire is still a question. But Tansy is good at questions. Even better at answers. And if she figures out how to heal her heart while she’s healing the world, all the better.


FBI Sam Young’s last case didn’t end well and he’s not sure he’s going back. He heads to check up on the woman who’s always been his anchor, even though she doesn’t know it. All she sees when she looks at him is her brother’s buddy. Might be the perfect time to change that.


When the government hires Tansy to develop more secrets, danger encroaches. With his past, Sam might just be the one with the answers this time.

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Her one night stand might be the only one who can save her.