Cover of Built of Strength, Book 2 of the Small Town Heroes series

Built Of Strength (Small Town Heroes #2)

Aisling & Graham

When life was tearing them down, they shared a scorching—and anonymous—one-night stand.


Five years later, they come face-to-blushing-face at Midnight Lake.


Aisling has committed to renovating the old lodge for her friend. Graham is part-owner of a security business operating out of the same property. And they both want to claim the shop space. And the mutual attraction remains scorching hot. Let the awkwardness commence.


When Aisling is attacked, Graham realizes he wants far more than he ever expected. 


Can they can build a future from a single night?

Built of Strength

Aisling Gallagher doesn’t need anyone mansplaining, thank you very much. She knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to building. Men? Not so much.


Graham Buchanan lost his fiancée a decade ago. And then he lost himself in a one-night stand that left him reeling.


When they meet again will they be able to build from the past?

Going down in flames never felt so good!