Reaching For Normal book cover

Myla & Sawyer

An opposites attract romance for an adventure writer who doesn’t trust love and a former SEAL who doesn’t trust people

Reaching For Risks book cover

Darby & Quinn

A friends to lovers romance for a B&B owner who wants to stop hiding from life and a retailer who wants to understand the secrets in her eyes

Reaching For Everything book cover

Kami & Rayce

A second chance romance for a former tennis pro who is building a tennis camp for kids and the carpenter who shattered her heart

Reaching For Balance book cover

Becca & Gage

An opposites attract romance for an FBI agent protecting a child and a lodge owner who wants to protect his town

Lil & Max

A brother's best friend romance for a photograhper trying to hide from her past and a writer who's hiding from his future

Reaching For Trust Book Cover

Trina & Jack

A workplace and secret identity romance for a singer hiding from a stalker and a former lawyer looking for a new life

Cover of Reaching For Roots

Emmy & Ryan

An undercover agent romance for a man looking for vengence and a cartoonist looking to put down roots

Jenna & Noah

A forced proximity romance between a veterinarian and an army vet who both think they own the same land

Reaching For Home

NIa & Jaz

A friends-to-lovers romance between two who want to leave the limelight far behind

Dancing With Dementia ~ nonfiction self-help/memoir

Dancing With Dementia book cover

“You’ll find yourself alternating between laughter at the author’s dark humor and wiping away tears as she shares poignant stories about the impact of this terrible disease. Be prepared to set aside a serious chunk of time once you pick up this book. Once you start reading it, you won’t want to stop.”

~Goodreads Review

Dementia is devastating. It steals memories and connections. It can break hearts and lives. Our Loved One, Lizzie, has dementia, and we’ve learned a lot about helping her.


DANCING WITH DEMENTIA can help you navigate those early stages of dementia with love and laughter. We’ve learned to dance some of the steps with Lizzie and we hope what we’ve learned can help you as well.


Check out the links below for more information on the book.


Also check out the blog and my YouTube channel DANCING WITH DEMENTIA: QUICK TIPS for some practical tips that might help you today!

Until Release ~ Jemi Fraser


Early release for good behaviour means Sean Walker is counting the minutes until he’s free. He’s not the only one counting down, but the others don’t have freedom on their minds


Enjoy this story and 10 other mystery and crime stories from 10 terrific authors!

Until Release by Jemi Fraser ...... a count down to a killer's release and the welcoming party waiting to greet him. Thoughtful and tense, a great finish to the collection.