Reaching For Christmas

Reaching For Christmas (Bloo Moose #5)

Lil & Max

Lil LaChance has been hiding a major secret from her family and friends for three years. But now the man who attacked her has escaped from jail and she just wants to be home for Christmas.


Exhausted from a tour promoting his latest thriller, Max Fortini needs space to figure out if he has another book in him. Instead, he finds a dog snoring in his guest room and a sexy intruder in his bed. Exactly where he’s always wanted her. Except she’s sleeping with a gun under her pillow.


Max puts together clues while Lil tries to keep her secrets. But when the felon seeks revenge, they’ll have to trust each other if they’re going to make it through to Christmas.

Reviews for Reaching For Christmas

One scared pop singer in disguise.

One burned-out lawyer opening a sugar shack.

Two newcomers to Bloo Moose who don’t realize the past is hunting them.

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