Reaching For Everything

Reaching For Everything (Bloo Moose #3)

Kami & Rayce

Love Means Nothing in tennis, but Kami chooses it as a tattoo after her heart is shattered. Her mom’s death and a car crash that causes a career-ending injury make everything worse. Tired of the heartache, Kami decides it’s time to channel the dream she and her mom created. It’s time to open Kami’s Kamp, a tennis school for kids.


Being patient is a vital skill for Rayce LaChance. As a contractor and furniture maker, he knows that rushed decisions never pan out. Especially not in his personal life. When he broke up with Kami, he thought he was freeing her to pursue her career unhindered.


Now, Kami’s back in town and proving the Ice Queen reputation she earned on the court carries over into her daily life.


When an obsessed fan becomes threatening, Rayce proves he’ll do anything to help. But Kami isn’t sure her heart is up to the risk.


They’ll both have to take chances if they’re going to find out if Love Means Nothing or Everything.

Reviews for Reaching For Everything

One FBI agent protecting a boy.

One Lodge owner who hates the danger she’s brought to his town.

One undeniable connection.

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