Reaching For Family

Reaching For Family (Bloo Moose #8)

Jenna & Noah

Jenna learned early that family wasn’t safe. As Bloo Moose’s vet, she’s determined to find her patients loving homes even if she knows the same isn’t possible for her.
Noah Washington promised his adoptive parents he’d save their farm and now he’s bought almost all of it back. Only one acre to go but it belongs to a woman who makes his own guarded heart seem vulnerable.
After a decade as an Army Ranger, Noah’s alpacas are supposed to ensure him of a peaceful life but someone is targeting them. Or Jenna.
As the danger escalates, Jenna and Noah build a wary trust but they’ll need to learn the true meaning of family if they want the farm—and themselves—to survive.

Reviews for Reaching For Family

Running from the past,

straight into each other.

Can they find a way to make a home for Christmas?

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