Reaching For Home

Reaching For Home (Bloo Moose #9)

Nia & Jaz

Nia Alexander is leaving the costume rooms of Hollywood in her rear view mirror and taking her son across the country for a fresh start and a white Christmas. She’s also hoping to leave behind the threats from the jerk who didn’t want to hear the word No.


Jaz LaChance is never going back to the limelight. It’s been almost a decade since his photos were splashed in magazines and on billboards. Funding new businesses in Bloo Moose is better. Until Nia turns out to be a new tenant. Nia saved his ass once, but every time he looks at her, he remembers the humiliation of that night.


When Jaz discovers Nia is being threatened, he needs to figure out how to leave the past truly where it belongs. If they can trust each other they might be able to make a home of their own for the holidays.


REACHING FOR HOME is the 9th book in the Bloo Moose Romance series, although each book in the series is a stand alone. The book contains some strong language and sexy times. Enjoy!

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