Reaching For Risks

Reaching For Risks (Bloo Moose #2)

Quinn & Darby

Darby Banks’ yearly Reno List for her B&B is legendary. When her octogenarian guests start giving her fashion advice, she realizes she needs a renovation of her own. So along with fixing toilets and painting walls, she decides to buy some sexy lingerie and learn to flirt. If only her Risk List didn’t terrify her as much as the reason she’s been hiding in plain sight.


Quinn Charters has turned CharterGear Sporting Goods into a thriving business to spite his rich and rotten family. When they start contacting him with demands he wonders if its time to leave town. But there’s a certain B&B owner who makes him want to stay. If only he could figure out why he makes her nervous.


An accident that damages Quinn’s store has him staying at the B&B and helping out with the renovations. And wondering what else is hidden in that renovation notebook of hers. When Quinn’s brother returns to Bloo Moose to try to strong-arm him into helping out the family business, Darby’s anxiety jumps and Quinn digs deep to discover the cause.


Darby should have added Stay Alive to her Risk List.

Reviews for Reaching For Risks

Love means nothing in tennis. Can he prove to her that love means everything in life?

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