Reaching For Trust (Bloo Moose #6)

Thanks to her outrageous onstage costumes, pop star Trina can conceal her identity while working in Bloo Moose and writing her next album, all while avoiding a stalker.


Running a Sugar Shack should be easy for a burned-out lawyer, but Jack is soon in over his head. His sweet and sexy new office manager isn’t helping with his focus.


Unaware that his last case has ongoing repercussions, Jack attributes the problems at the shack to Trina’s errors and his inexperience.


When evidence points to false conclusions, they’ll both have to learn how to trust if they want a future together

Reaching For Trust Book Cover
"Romance as sweet as maple sugar, and as smooth as the best melody, Reaching for Trust is an excellent addition to the Bloo Moose Romance series with edgy suspense, and sexy romance."
Reviewer & Author
"If you like romantic suspense, you'll love Reaching for Trust and once you've finished it, you'll be eager to read the next love story in the Bloo Moose series."
Reviewer & Author