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Cover of Reaching For Normal, Book 1 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

FREE! Myla & Sawyer

"I feel like I absorbed the book, I loved it so much."

Cover of Reaching For Risks, Book 2 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Darby & Quinn

"Reading a Blue Moose Romance is all about getting lost in an adventure while watching the romance unfold."

Cover of Reaching For Everything, Book 3 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Kami & Rayce

"Another brilliant love story with a whole lot of mystery."

Cover of Reaching For Balance, Book 4 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Becca & Gage

" I feel like I know the whole town now, and Bloo Moose is the perfect place to visit or even stay."

Cover of Reaching For Christmas, Book 5 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Lil & Max

"This book is a wonderful mixture of swoon-worthy romance and captivating suspense."

Cover of Reaching For Trust, Book 6 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Trina & Jack

"Romance as sweet as maple sugar, and as smooth as the best melody, an excellent addition to the series with edgy suspense, and sexy romance."

Cover of Reaching For Roots, Book 7 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Emmy & Ryan

"It was so addictive and I can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series!"

Cover of Reaching For Family, Book 8 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Jenna & Noah

"Funny, poignant and wonderful!"

Cover of Reaching For Home, Book 9 of the Bloo Moose Romance series

Nia & Jaz

Running from the past, right into each other. A friends to lovers Christmas story.

More by Jemi!

Dancing With Dementia book cover

Dancing With Dementia

"Jemi Fraser guides us through her experience with her mother's dementia, covering everything from troubling early warning signs to actionable tips for making life easier. An essential read on an important subject." ~ Elizabeth Spann Craig, Author

Tick Tock: A Stitch In Crime book cover

Until Release

"Until Release by Jemi Fraser ...... a count down to a killer's release and the welcoming party waiting to greet him. Thoughtful and tense, a great finish to the collection." ~col2910 (Amazon Reviewer)"

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